Blue orchid multimedia

by maria cristaline

"Creativity is my passion, It gives life to my heart, mind body and soul."


 Maria Cristaline

Blue Orchid Multimedia Founder /Creative Director 

Blue Orchid Multimedia is a Canadian boutique creative start up registered in the province of Ontario and based in Toronto.

It develops creative endeavours for commercial purpose through multimedia such as visual design, creative direction, digital media, digital art, collage art, print, tv and film.


It's committed to practising social responsibility by operating in a social, ethical and sustainable manner. As well as creating community projects, initiatives and partnerships to inspire and benefit the Canadian community as a whole.

Blue Orchid Multimedia currently houses Maria Cristaline (commercial), BLUE print magazine (non-profit) and Blue Orchid Multimedia Scholarship Award (community initiative). Find out more by clicking their links below.

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